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Mental & Goal Clarity

Balance Work, Life, Family

Earning The Money You Deserve

Breaking Through Barriers


Private & Confidential Group and Individual LIVE Facebook Messenger Sessions for Our Discerning & Selective Clientele



  • Brain Fitness 

  • Matters of the Heart 

  • Emotional Intelligence & Control 

  • Laws of Success

  • Sexual Nutrition 

  • Spiritual Matters


Imagine having one Wellness Life Coach, Spiritual Adviser


Is it worth it to seek out a professional?


For some people, making contact with a professional to answer questions, explore what is hypnosis all about, and how can it help can be exciting! For others, getting spiritual help can bring to mind many other questions and concerns. To experience the BEST spiritual advice and care and what it can do for you can be a challenge! The BEST place to begin is by making contact with a professional who understands the mind, body, spirit connection as it relates to change.


If you are looking for the BEST professional educational spiritual hypnosis and self-hypnosis wisdom then look no further! Dr. Fahey provides the most complete one stop comprehensive educational hypnotism service that includes in all available programs wellness life coaching, and spiritual counsel. By opting to experience his services, you can be sure you are getting the best in hypnosis education, the best education about self-hypnosis techniques, conversational hypnosis, self-hypnosis to stop smoking, for weight loss, insomnia, and for so many other areas of concern that have not responded well by the use of traditional methods. You will get answers to common questions like how does hypnosis work, what is the history of hypnosis, including steps on how to do hypnosis by yourself. When you are ready to change your life, call Dr. Fahey, he has helped hundreds start fresh, and he can help you NOW! 

House Call Hypnosis Coach Dr. Fahey
House Call Hypnosis Coach Dr. Fahey

Hypnosis for Stress Management

Wellness Life Coaching

Transition Coaching

Business Coaching



All self-improvement hypnosis and wellness coaching themes shown below can be customized for any event including


  • Keynotes

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Breakfast / Lunch Dinner Events

  • Recognition Ceremonies

  • Sales Meetings

  • Management Conferences

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Special Events


ANXIETY AND STRESS: Get Rid of Anxiety, Be Emotionally Calm, Overcome Grief, Overcome Guilt, Overcome Panic Attacks, Gain Rapid Stress Relief, Stop Worrying, Stress Management, Work Life Balance


CONFIDENCE ISSUES: Be Super Self Confidence, Self Esteem Boost, Boost your Ego, Public Speaking, Confidence, Overcome Shyness, Be More Sociable,


SPORTS HYPNOSIS: Hypnotic Bodybuilding, Exercise Excellence, Fantastic Football, Great Golf, Focus Perfect Poker, Running/Jogging Motivation, Terrific Tennis, Sporting Success,


ADDICTIONS: Overcome Alcohol Addiction, Overcome Coffee Addiction, Overcome Drug Addiction, Stop Gambling, Stop Smoking


RELATIONSHIPS: Attract Love, Dating Confidence, Deal with Divorce, Find Forgiveness, Overcome Jealousy, Loneliness, Improve Your Relationships, Rebuild Trust


MEN'S ISSUES: Sexual Performance Success, Confidence with Women


CREATIVE RELAXATION: The Heavenly Stairway, Magical Forest, Tropical Island


HEALTH PROBLEMS: Experience Pain Relief, Asthma Relief, Better Bladder Control, Manage Blood Pressure,
Overcome Depression, Drink Less Alcohol, General Health & Wellbeing, Healthy Clear Skin, IBS Management, Manage Excessive Sweating, Migraine Relief, Mind Body Healing, Pain Management, Stop Bedwetting, Stop Blushing, Stop Nail Biting


SLEEP PROBLEMS: Overcome Insomnia, Hypnotic Power Nap, Overcome Nightmares, Stop Snoring, Manage Sound of Snoring, Stop Sleep Talking, Overcome Sleep Walking, Wake Up Fresh & Alert


PERSONAL PERFORMANCE: Increase Self-Confidence, Overcome Driving Test Nerves, Increase Brain Power, Exam Success, Career Interview Confidence, Language Learning Success, Magnificent Memory, Money Management, Overcome Procrastination, Increase Self Motivation, Studying Success, Personal Time Management, Overcome Stage Fright, Wedding Day Nerves, Overcome Writers Block


FEARS AND PHOBIAS: Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, Fear of Death, Fear of Dogs, Fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, Fear of the Dark, Fear of the Dentist, General Fears & Phobias, Social Anxiety Phobia


WOMEN'S ISSUES: Easy Natural Childbirth, Manage Morning Sickness, Post Natal Depression, Female Fertility Enhancer, Be More Feminine, PMS Relief, Enjoying Intimacy, Increase Your Sex Drive


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Anger Management, Boost your Charisma, Develop Creativity, Achieve Your Full Potential, Get rid of Emotional Baggage, Better Body Image, Find Happiness, Positive Thinking, Discover Patience, Be More Assertive, Boost Emotional Intelligence, Beat Bullying


WEIGHT LOSS: Slim & Trim - Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Start Exercise


SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Gain Self-Confidence, Gain Self-Esteem, Boost Self-Awareness, Be Yourself Socially, Overcome Shyness, Develop Optimism, Be Assertive, Stay Calm with THAT Person, Stop Negative Thoughts, Health, Weight Loss & Motivation, Exercise Motivation, Get Back Into Shape, Healing Power Relaxation, Quit Smoking-Forever, Tension, Headaches


SPIRTUAL/LIFE: Intuition, Psychic Power, Psychic Services goto:


PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Interview STRESS, Self Motivation, Public Speaking, Memory Improvement, Focus & Concentration, Boost Creativity, Succeed in Business, Emotional Intelligence, Motivation At Work, Achieve Your Potential, Overcome Procrastination, Develop Enthusiasm, Be More Productive, Goal Setting, Believe In Yourself, Learn to Think Positive, Sleep Better, Money Magnetism, Temper Control, Sexual Nutrition,


SPIRITUAL & EDUCATIONAL GUIDANCE: Fear, Handling Rejection, Dealing with Confrontation, The Fear of Failure, Fear of Flying, Fear of Elevators, Unfamiliar Surroundings, Social STRESS, The Driving Test, Exam Nerves, Fear of Success


POSITIVE MIND DYNAMICS: Manage STRESS, Improve Your Mood, Better Self-Control, Create Inner Peace, Dealing with Guilt


RELATIONSHIPS: Independence in Relationships, Attract Your Soul Mate, Fear of Commitment, Put the Spark Back, Get Over a Relationship, Dating Confidence, Approaching Women/Men, Meeting People Easily, Overcome jealousy






Holidays Stress Management

Brown Bag Stress Management

Corporate Stress Management 

Transition Stress Management 

Teacher Stress Management


Others you may consider include:


Nurse, Doctor, Working Mother’s, Test Anxiety, Mind-Body-Spirit, Time Management, Career, Natural Health,  Executive Stress Management, Workplace Stress Management, Speaker Stress Management, Relationship, College, Social, Financial, Go to Sleep, CEO, Travel, Performance, Cop, Getting Married, Getting Divorce, Healthier YOU

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