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HouseCalls by Appointment Only

Leadership Qualities/Managment Skills/Create Ideal Corporate Culture/Giving & Receving Feedback/Team Building/Effectivity

Executive Coaching

Stress Management

Wellness Life Coaching

Leadership Program

Conflict Resolution

Business Coaching

Remember, all programs can be customized for any event including


  • Keynotes

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Events

  • Recognition Ceremonies

  • Sales Meetings

  • Management Conferences

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Special Events

  • One-on-one training (on location, housecall, conference calls)

  • Group/Executive training

  • Meetings

  • Parties


Educational Speaking/Training/Coaching

Dr. Fahey on Hypnosis Coaching
Dr. Fahey on Time Management
Dr. Fahey on Hypnosis

What's your passion?


Dr. Fahey Offers a variety of educational hypnosis and wellness life coaching programs:


Stress Management

SUNdown blues

Self Improvement


Personal Development

Relationships Issues

Couples Life Coaching

Coaching for Seniors

Dissertation and Thesis Coaching

Guidance on Fear

Positive Mind Dynamics


Choose from more than 160 educational hypnosis and wellness life coaching programs designed to teach you to think positively, communicate effectively, and adapt creatively to change. Most importantly, Dr. Fahey’s programs prepare you for success in your personal, business, career, and academic life.

Dr. Fahey’s hypnosis and wellness life coaching programs include:


  • Face to face in office, onsite at business locations, and for individuals, couples, and seniors with time travel and mobility issues*  *HouseCall appointments now available in limited areas - Call for details

  • A fully current version of a positive mind dynamic system based on science for the purpose of achieving personal and business goals

  • Ongoing advance life coaching guidance

  • Opportunity to pursue personal, business, or academic goals at the same time

  • Practical experience through brief demonstrations




The current fee structure for Dr. Robert Fahey may appear to be an extremely high hourly rate compared to other professions, but the value of a great speaker does not primarily come from their time. The value comes from the long-term impact on the audience. Great speakers like Dr. Fahey have the ability to change permanently your thinking and your behavior in a very short time and that is such a rare and important skill that it actually makes the fee a bargain in many cases. Even if just a fraction of the audience takes away only one good actionable idea, the cumulative impact can easily provide enough value to recoup the speaking fee many times over. Dr. Fahey’s speaking talent and wisdom as a specialist in training and human performance improvement is worth his weight in gold. Write or call today for the more detailed information on Dr. Fahey's current availability and fees.

All Terms and Conditions Apply

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