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House Call Hypnosis Coach Dr. Fahey
House Call Hypnosis Coach Dr. Fahey

Hypnosis Event

$1050.00 (Full Payment)

Hypnosis Event

$105.00 (Individual)

Hypnosis Event

$200.00 (Travel)

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Hypnosis Event

$45.00 (Travel)

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How it Works!


You Select The Hypnosis Gift Gallery Event Theme


THE HYPNOISIS GIFT GALLERY EVENT: Can you be hypnotized against your will? NO! Can you be hypnotized against your knowledge? YES! You owe it to yourself to know the difference. Learn more how you may be allowing other people, places, and things influence your life without even knowing it. This fun, exciting educational hypnosis and self-hypnosis event is at the cutting edge of stress management. The public and or private Skype, home, community clubhouse, or business setting event provides a combination of cognitive training for getting at the root causes of stress, along with powerful breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques. These methods are just like those that have been clinically proven at Harvard and MIT to reduce blood pressure, relieve chronic pain and insomnia, and to more quickly and easily increase mental focus.


Dr. Fahey will teach you:


  • All about spiritual hypnosis and self-hypnosis

  • Experience spiritual hypnosis and self-hypnosis

  • Discover what stage of hypnosis you currently can achieve and how to maximize benefits

  • Experience the strangest secret in the world

  • The 5 stages of the soul

  • The 5 success elements that work every time according to science

  • Communicate more easily, positively, and effectively

  • How to positively manage your mind, body, and spirit to have greater calmness and clarity of mind when dealing with challenging people and work situations

  • Dramatically reduce stress with simple techniques that can be done in just a few moments

  • Achieve relief from chronic pain and insomnia

  • Enhance personal productivity

  • Focus the mind where you want it to go to achieve results more quickly and effectively

  • Incorporate powerful positive changes in attitude into your life with easy-to-learn hypnosis and self-hypnosis methods that greatly reduce stress.




1. You may be the STAR HOST of a Hypnosis Gift Gallery event on Zoom, Facebook Portal, Skype, via phone, gotraining, or in an open public, private home, business or community clubhouse setting.

2. There MUST be a minimum of two (2) with a maximum of to 10 for private house call events. There is no participant limit for public events. However, any number of participants above what would be judged reasonable for the available room space should be taken into serious consideration as all in attendance will need personal space for total comfort and relaxation during practical learning and meditative exercises. Regardless if there are only two (2) participants the total current event fee remains at $350 for a one time 60-180 minute lecture, and $105.00 per person, per session for each private house call or business setting event performed for any one or more purposes. 

3. The minimum LIVE and in person the Hypnosis Gift Gallery event  is $1050.00 whether two (2) or more attend and this fee will cover a minimum of two persons in attendance and up to a maximum of ten (10) persons only.

4. There will be an additional charge of $105.00 per person for each extra person that is invited and comes into the the Hypnosis Gift Gallery event above the number ten (10) persons invited, registers and attends.

5. The Hypnosis Gift Gallery event may last up to one (1) hour or more depending on the size of the forum. The time limit will be set by Dr. Fahey so individual attention to answer questions about the teaching materials and questions about the personal experiences is given. During the Hypnosis Gift Gallery event, each person will be given steps to mind, body, and spiritual change through hypnosis and self-hypnosis methods that may last up to 20-25 minutes and these experiences will be demonstrated for two purposes only: 1) to increase greater awareness of the subject matter and oneself, and 2) to enhance his/her life through general self-improvement. All other reasons will be considered secondary and may be a cause for refusal of service. Additionally, what is important to note is that Dr. Fahey does his best to give equal time to all who attend, but know at times some may need extra help understanding certain content material, and as a result there is no way to know in advance how much help and support will be available to any one person on a particular topic. In addition, it would be a good idea to ask each guest to have on hand a pen and pad of paper so that notes can be taken as no recording devices are allowed other than those Dr. Fahey brings to the events as it is better to respect the privacy of each other.

6. Dr. Robert Fahey does not accept personal checks as he has no way to process on-site banking verification. We will accept a Certified bank check, postal money order or cash and will provide a receipt upon request. We prefer the Star Host to collect all fees due in advance as the guests arrive or everyone can pay online here. Do not allow your guests to mail money in advance to us as this will only confuse matters.

7. If the event is not on Skype, and Dr. Robert Fahey has to travel MORE THAN fifty (50) miles, an extra $45 charge will be required in advance for the FIRST extra one (1) to twenty-five (25) miles beyond the first fifty (50) miles. There will be an additional $45 charged for each one (1) mile to twenty-five (25) more miles AFTER the first extra one (1) to twenty-five (25) miles that Dr. Robert Fahey needs to travel for the scheduled event. ALL TRAVEL FEES ARE MAPPED FROM Area Code 33467 unless other special arrangements are made in advance.

8. A non-refundable, non-transferable advance Registration Fee of $200.00 is required in advance to hold a scheduled date. We prefer that you pay this fee online through Paypal, or you can make other arrangements by writing to us today at Do not mail cash. Postmark your deposit within two (2) days AFTER you have made a date.

9. Telephone or e-mail us to set a date for your private The Gift Gallery Hypnosis event. We will suggest possible dates—that we will hold for you for several days while you check with your guests to see which would be best. Our Reservations number is (239) 244-1262. You MUST call from a non-blocked called I.D. phone line. Otherwise, you will need to identify yourself. Please do not call after 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time unless you plan to leave a brief message. The fastest way to reach Dr. Robert  Fahey is via text message at 239-244-1262 or email to:

10. Once a date is set, we will email you a confirmation notification.


Please note that available calendar dates to conduct the Hypnosis Gift Gallery event becomes more in demand with each passing month. Dr. Robert Fahey’s weekends use to be booked for two months in advance, but now weekends are getting booked up to 12-months in advance. Most Monday and Tuesday nights have been taken for the rest of this year and next year. Wednesday and Thursday weeknights and days are available. Keep this in mind before you contact us about a date. Any attendant interested in being a part of any educational hypnosis or self-hypnosis demonstration must sign a release form that will be provided.


Industry specialties: Continuing Education, Work-life Balance, Workforce Development, Faith-Based Relations Expertise: Education, Consulting, Communication, Coaching, Change, Stress, Goal-Setting, Teamwork, Teambuilding, Motivation, Leadership, Retail, Growth, Vision & Purpose, Entrepreneurism, Sales, Business, Success, Trends, Attitude, Entertainment, Humor, Family, Time Management, Careers, Corporate, Health & Nutrition, Image, Self-Esteem, Conflict, Resolution, Change Management, Associations, Real Estate 


One Time Lecture Fee: $350.00 - $25,000                   Travels from: Boston & Southwest Florida

Program Duration: 60-180 minutes

Equipment Required: None

 ***Optional Equipment

Overhead / LCD projector and screen Wireless lavaliere microphone

Materials: Provided (PDF) for copying and distribution during event.

The program can be customized for any event including


  • Keynotes

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Events

  • Recognition Ceremonies

  • Sales Meetings

  • Management Conferences

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Special Events


Program Fee


$105.00 per person Private House Call (Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable Schedule/Program Fee)

$1050.00 (for up to 10 participants per event/session 60-180 minutes



Please note that while we make every effort to ensure that published fee ranges are current and accurate, speaker and training fees are subject to verification and may change without notice. All fee ranges published are not inclusive of travel and accommodation expenses and are based upon standard keynote presentations given within the continental United States. Pricing for breakout sessions, workshops, half-day lectures, et cetera may vary and should be quoted for confirmation purposes. For the most up to date information, please contact us today.


The current fee structure for Dr. Robert Fahey may appear to be an extremely high hourly rate compared to other professions, but the value of a great speaker does not primarily come from their time on the stage. The value comes from the long-term impact on the audience. Great speakers like Dr. Robert Fahey have the ability to change permanently your thinking and your behavior in a very short time and that is such a rare and important skill that it actually makes the fee a bargain in many cases. Even if just a fraction of the audience takes away only one good actionable idea, the cumulative impact can easily provide enough value to recoup the speaking fee many times over. Dr. Robert Fahey’s speaking talent and wisdom as a specialist in training and human performance improvement is worth his weight in gold.


the fine print


Private sessions are by appointment only and subject to availability • Due to individual differences in client commitment and participation, no EXPRESS or IMPLIED warranties are given • All Terms and Conditions on Website Apply • Other conditions may apply

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