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How To Use Dr. Fahey GOAL COIN


In August 2007, for fun, research psychic spirit medium and clairvoyant dr.fahey created the Goal Coin which holds a strange set of mysterious symbols that attract success and much more. He energizes each one naturally by focused intention. A person in possession of the special Luck Coin must personalize it through special instructions given in private and public psychic galleries. The holder of the coin experiences almost immediately an increase in luck, love, and good health. The Goal Coin works fast for those who believe in mind over matter. Meaning when one holds the token in the right hand and focuses his or her mind on any one person, place, or thing, through time and space, a strange force causes the delivery of a special message he or she is thinking. A transformation of the message takes place and in a telepathic boomerang effect, an answer is sent back to only the holder of the coin. The Goal Coin allows new positive and healing answer to questions practically overnight. 


DEFINITIONS: This special symbol was designed in the shape of a yellow harvest moon when there is equanimity, and light to see clearly. Thus, the symbol represents calmness, balance, and self-control that can assure the service given and received brings a lifetime of joy and bliss. The circle shape represents a universal spiritual connection with all there is in life and living. The “V” represents the human connection to infinite intelligence, and imagination – the doorway to dreams. The descent stroke when making a “V” represents the soul in action as one’s soul (mind) strives to become what it thinks about most through (body reinvention). The ascent or upward stroke of the “V” represents body (change), as it returns to positive energy, or spirit, and the beyond. The three attributes of the universe: soul, spirit, and body “the trinity,” are distinguished by the three stars. The three wavy lines represent water, as this is where we go for relaxation, purification, and universal connection.


Lottery & Other Games

Always touch Dr. Fahey’s Luck Coin first before you buy a ticket and play a lottery, contest, or any game of chance! The "Circle of the Luck Coin" sets you inside a circle of prosperity and attracts you to the right people, the best people, acting like a magnet so they will notice you first!


Lover’s Circle

If your partnership is precarious and your relationship needs to be reinforced, Dr. Fahey’s Luck Coin has been positively energized with a special love attractant and magnetizing touch that could be of immense help to you. Always keep it near as it may also rekindle love, loyalty, and make it so you attract only your rainbow soulmate into your life.


Financial Wealth Circle

Think positive thoughts while you hold in your right hand Dr. Fahey’s Luck Coin as it may bring you a financial windfall. Now you can attract and enjoy more prestige and prosperity.


Healthy YOU

Think positive thoughts while you hold in your left hand Dr. Fahey’s Luck Coin and imagine good health conditions coming your way (e.g., weight lose, say good riddance to headaches and more). Now you can experience true happiness and peacefulness within. Lifts the fog, and brings clarity, hope, and opportunity.


At Night Time When You Are In Bed And Ready To Go To Sleep

Get into bed and get into your favorite position (if you have one).


Now, with your eyes closed, focus on your right hand wherever it happens to be and push down slightly on your right little finger (the one farthest from the thumb), as though someone was touching it, and say mentally to yourself, “Positive thoughts will bring me the goals I desire.”


Next, focus on your ring finger, and push down slightly the ring finger. After you do that say to yourself again, “Messages of love will bring me the goals I desire.” Now move ahead and press down on your middle finger and then say the 9 words again. Then press down on your forefinger and say the sentence, followed by your thumb and saying the sentence. Hence, you will complete five repetitions of saying the sentence.


Next, move your mind over to your left hand and do the same thing starting with your little finger and with each finger you press down, say the sentence. Finally, go back and repeat the process with both hands again and when you are done you will have completed saying the sentence 20 times. 


Do not allow yourself to fall asleep until you have completed all twenty repetitions.

Do this for the next 7 nights and enjoy a better life as you manifest miracles to come your way.

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