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Program Description*

*This program is available for individuals, couples, private and group house call events, and for business and community clubhouse lectures

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Educational Spiritual Hypnosis & Coaching Topic Based on his New Book

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Getting Over The "Mind, Body, Spirit Winter Blues"


The holiday season when in full swing can cause some serious stress and performance problems you can now change!

  • Limited to 6 companies yearly

  • Programs start October through March yearly

  • 3-month educational hypnosis and wellness life coaching program 

  • Private Individual or Group Settings 4 / 30-45 minute meetings held monthly (5 person minimum)

  • Business Settings: 2 / 60-90-minute meetings held once monthly (10 person minimum in attendance)

  • Program available via Skype 

  • Early Reservations are Strongly Recommended

  • Reservations now in Progress!


Feeling SAD? Do you find yourself wanting to withdraw from the world, avoid social contacts, sleep more, crave more alcohol, cigarettes, sweets and starchy foods that make you gain weight? Are you feeling less sexual drive and activity, productive at work, and maybe even feel your quality of life has gone? It is called the Holiday blues, winter blues, a sadness, but not a depression that strikes in the fall. The signs include "feeling down, energy loss, putting on a few pounds, and difficulty getting up in the morning. While it is commonly thought of as a time of good cheer and merry-making, many people experience seasonal "blues." The "blues" affect men and women, young and old. Some factors that may cause the "blues" include stress, recent loss, unrealistic expectations, money challenges, inability to be with family, house guests, increased demands of shopping and the general hype that surrounds the commercialization of the season. Common stress reactions resulting from the "holiday blues", or winter blues, include headaches, excessive alcohol consumption, over-eating or not eating properly, and sleeping a great deal more.



The “I FEEL FANTASTIC!” program is for everyone who wants to get rid of STRESS, LOSE OR MAINTAIN THEIR WEIGHT, GAIN MENTAL CALARITY, BE MORE ATTRACTIVE, INCREASE PASSION, LOVE, and INTIMACY, and add SUCCESS ACHIEVEMENT in any area of to his or her personal and professional life! This educational program provides fundamental wisdom for achieving the goals of good nutrition. Additionally, an educational three step meditative process makes a total or extreme mind, body, and spirit makeover possible.

House Call Doctor Fahey


Program Goals

  • Be motivated to achieve anything you want 

  • Understand what self-forgiveness is and why you need it

  • Locate the switch to the voice in your head and change its messages from failure to success

  • Sell 2-10 times more of whatever you sell

  • Dr. Fahey will teach you how to be as healthy no matter what your age

  • Dr. Fahey will teach you how brain patterns create all failure and success

  • Discover how you can end even long-term hurt and sadness

  • Discover how to stay motivated to do anything no matter who or what is pulling you down

  • What the chemicals in your food are really doing to you

  • How you can go from procrastinator to goal achieving machine

                 ...And a whole lot more.

Program Goals

Program Fee

$550.00 - One time lecture fee*

* Lecture fee does not include travel fees - call for details. 

Individual: $1250.00 per person (Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable Schedule/Program Fee)

Program Time

One Time Lecture - Duration: 60-180 minutes

Individual & Groups: 12 / 45-minute sessions


Equipment Required: None

 ***Optional Equipment

Overhead / LCD projector and screen Wireless lavaliere microphone


Materials: Three charts provided (PDF) for copying and distribution during event.

Program Customization

The program can be customized for any event including


  • Keynotes

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Events

  • Recognition Ceremonies

  • Sales Meetings

  • Management Conferences

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Special Private House Call Events


  • Please note that while we make every effort to ensure that published fee ranges are current and accurate, speaker and training fees are subject to verification and may change without notice. All fee ranges published are not inclusive of travel and accommodation expenses and are based upon standard keynote presentations given within the continental United States. Pricing for breakout sessions, workshops, half-day lectures, et cetera may vary and should be quoted for confirmation purposes. For the most up to date information, please contact us today.


  • The current fee structure for Dr. Robert Fahey may appear to be an extremely high hourly rate compared to other professions, but the value of a great speaker does not primarily come from their time on the stage. The value comes from the long-term impact on the audience. Great speakers like Dr. Robert Fahey have the ability to change permanently your thinking and your behavior in a very short time and that is such a rare and important skill that it actually makes the fee a bargain in many cases. Even if just a fraction of the audience takes away only one good actionable idea, the cumulative impact can easily provide enough value to recoup the speaking fee many times over. Dr. Robert Fahey’s speaking talent and wisdom as a specialist in training and human performance improvement is worth his weight in gold.


  • Dr. Robert Fahey is a highly recognized leader and speaker, a renowned authority in training and human performance improvement and a leading specialist on how to cultivate the human soul and spirit in personal and business life. Since 1983, more working adults have looked to Dr. Robert Fahey to advance their inner wisdom about themselves and others, and to achieve personal and work goals than in any other way.

  • Industry specialties: Continuing Education, Work-life Balance, Workforce Development, Faith-Based Relations Expertise: Education, Consulting, Communication, Coaching, Change, Stress, Goal-Setting, Teamwork, Teambuilding, Motivation, Leadership, Retail, Growth, Vision & Purpose, Entrepreneurism, Sales, Business, Success, Trends, Attitude, Entertainment, Humor, Family, Time Management, Careers, Corporate, Health & Nutrition, Image, Self-Esteem, Conflict, Resolution, Change Management, Associations, Real Estate 

Fee: $3,500 - $25,000   

Travels from: Florida

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