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Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer.



Dr. Fahey is a highly recognized leader and speaker, a renowned authority in training and human performance improvement, and a leading specialist on how to cultivate the human soul and spirit in personal and business life. Since 1983, more working adults have looked to Dr. Fahey to advance their inner wisdom about themselves and others, and to achieve personal and work goals than in any other way. Dr. Fahey offers a selection of professional Skype, phone, email, and online private Chat services with many - as close as your smartphone, tablet, or computer. He is renowned for his extraordinary intuition and as an author, keynote speaker and lecturer worldwide. Dr. Fahey provides top-notch world-class self-improvement and awareness enhancement sessions with great client support and un-matchable costs! Through commitment and with nearly four decades of expertise, he has established international personal and business relationships with clients! The answers to your questions will be given with a goal-oriented focus. Now you can explore every aspect of your life path, including the year ahead, with confidence


Robert Fahey, Ph.D.


Robert Fahey, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D.

M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology

Ph.D. in Training & Performance Improvement

M.S. in English Language Learning and Teaching

Founder & President, BioHealth Counseling Center, Inc. (1999)

Dr. Fahey's guidance has helped me steer my company through many uncharted waters. His insight and wisdom has helped my firm stay in control no matter how troubled the seas may have seemed.  Thanks to him, we continue to grow not only the bottom line, but also within the spiritual morals of our entire organization. Thanks to him, we always feel in control.


Ken Kirkland, CPA

Managing Partner

KAF Financial Group




For many years now Dr. Fahey has been involved in the reconstruction process of Commonwealth Building.  From the beginning, Dr. Fahey worked successfully with upper management in the design and implementing a large number of new business policies and procedures. His insight also helped many of the employees view corporate changes in a positive and workable manner.” 


Frank Trainor,

CEO, President


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